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Model 433 Kineto Tracking Mount (KTM)
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The KTM is considered the “workhorse” on the test ranges. A KTM may be configured for “manned” or “unmanned” operation and it is designed to track fast moving objects very precisely while providing time-space-position-information (TSPI) as required by mission operators. The sensor mounting platforms incorporate a “rail” system to permit quick mounting and bore sight alignment for a wide variety of sensor packages.

Configurations to Satisfy Critical Missions

The KTM meets the requirements of a wide variety of test range and scientific missions:

  • Center platform maximizes payload capacity; KTM will carry up to 1,200 lbs. for automated optical tracking applications (unmanned)

  • Center platform may be replaced with a conventional operator console to satisfy manual optical tracking applications (manned); KTM will carry payloads up to 600 lbs. plus the operator

  • Platform configurations with four (manned) or six (unmanned) payload positions to accommodate a variety of sensors to satisfy complex missions

  • Complete turnkey KTM systems are available integrated with cameras, sensors and/or lenses

Field-Proven Rugged and Reliable

The KTM consistently demonstrates its field-proven performance and durability:

  • Specifically designed to withstand harsh range environments; increased tracking mount life

  • The KTM's direct, torque-motor driven mount delivers smooth, jitter-free tracking to ensure precise (TSPI)

  • Self-contained and trailer-mounted, the KTM may be quickly and easily deployed via highway and unimproved roads to remote tracking sites

For more information, please contact L3 Brashear via email at Sales.Brashear@L3t.com.