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Integrated Ballistic Reticle System (IBRS)
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Integrated Ballistic Reticle System (IBRS) is designed to give the warfighter a decisive tactical advantage for long-range precision firing on selected targets from concealed positions. The IBRS increases the warfighter’s accuracy day or night up to two kilometers.

The IBRS integrates a variable-power day optic, laser rangefinder, projected reticle display, ballistic computer, digital compass, meteorological sensors, and incline and cant sensors. The IBRS is designed for rapid engagement.  The warfighter lases the target to measure the range, and the system automatically generates a ballistic solution crosshair for aiming. The IBRS is compatible with standard military clip-on night-vision devices.

For more information, please contact L3 Brashear via email at Sales.Brashear@L3t.com.

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