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L3 Brashear, formerly known as Brashear LP and Contraves Brashear Systems - based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Brashear is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and support of precision electro-optics instrumentation. Brashear traces its roots back to the John Brashear Telescope Company, founded in 1881 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The company evolved through mergers with Fecker Telescope, Goerz Optical, and a purchase by Oerlikon-Contraves in 1974.  Operated as Contraves, Inc. until its purchase in 1997 by U.S. businessman William E. Conway, Jr., Brashear LP developed a reputation for precision motion control and state of the art optical fabrication.  Brashear LP was purchased by L3 in 2004.

L3 Brashear
615 Epsilon Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Tel: 412-967-7700
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