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About L3 Brashear

Pushing the Limits of Optics Technology Since 1881

L3 Brashear designs and produces complex electro-optical and electro-mechanical systems for the defense, aerospace and commercial markets.  As a recognized leader in optical technologies, our products, and precision optical capabilities enable high energy laser missions, fire control solutions, and stabilized tracking systems.

We pioneered the use and development of high energy laser beam director systems. The exceptional quality, ruggedness and reliability that have made Brashear’s military tracking and range instrumentation systems benchmarks for performance have also been incorporated in our precision, high energy, beam directing systems.

Brashear provides innovative solutions for that give the warfighter a decisive tactical advantage on land or at sea.  We developed fire control systems for individual and crew-served weapons incorporating ballistically-corrected aimpoints into day/night solutions.

Brashear telescope and test range tracking mounts and systems integrate precision optical tracking with accurate positioning systems. Brashear range integration capabilities enable the latest target sensing and data recording techniques with reliable and durable mounts.

Brashear provides life-cycle support, including warranty, spare parts, refurbs/repairs, field service and training, and system upgrades. Our offices are located in Pittsburgh, PA.

L3 Brashear
615 Epsilon Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Tel: 412-967-7700
Email: email Sales
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