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Lightweight Tracking Mount (LTM)
The reliability, speed and precision tracking capabilities of the Kineto Tracking Mount in a lightweight mount.

Designed for remote operation, the two-axis gimbal assembly is proven in the harshest environments for high speed, jitter-free precision tracking. The mount can accommodate multiple sensors and a 230 pound payload. The field-proven Digital Control System (DCS) provides superior control and commonality with other L3 range instruments.

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Telescope Control System
The Telescope Control System (TCS) is a drop-in replacement for legacy analog controllers of deep space surveillance and astronomical telescopes.

Fire Control Systems at SOFIC 2018
L3 Brashear Delivers Beam Director to Defence Research and Development Canada
L3 Brashear Attains Milestone on Improved Phalanx Target Engagement System
L3 Brashear Selected by the U.S. Army to Continue Development of Next-Generation Sniper Scope Technology
Spotlight Program
Integrated Ballistic Reticle System
The Integrated Ballistic Reticle System (IBRS) is designed to give the warfighter a decisive tactical advantage for long-range precision firing on selected targets from concealed positions. The IBRS increases the warfighter’s accuracy day or night up to two km. Read more

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