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At Applied Technologies, our wide range of solutions and technology leadership make us subject matter experts. Across our six lines of business, we stay ahead of our competition by quickly translating that leadership into dependable, innovative solutions that anticipate the evolving needs of our customers.

Our six lines of business include:

Electron Beam facilities. We provide safe, efficient sterilization systems for use in the most demanding healthcare and food industry environments.

Electromagnetic Systems & Services: since the birth of pulsed power, L3's unique expertise in high-power systems has enabled electromagnetic launch of carrier aircraft; revolutionized radiography; and enabled U.S. and Allied forces to be ready for nuclear attack.

Human Injury Detection & Prevention: Working at the forefront of human physical performance analysis, our scientists & engineers produce innovate solutions for detecting and preventing injury in combat.

Industrial Radiography Solutions: Our flash X-ray and computed radiography systems are at work around the world, allowing engineering teams to understand how body armor responds, where improvements can be made in vehicle protection systems, and other life-saving applications.

Dependable Innovation.