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Industrial Radiography Solutions - Flash X-ray Systems (FXR)

Flash X-ray FAQs

What is the tube life for various pulsers?
150 kV = 250 shots/pulses ar full charge.
300 kV = 200 shots/pulses at full charges.
450 kV = 150 shots/pulses at full charges.
1 MV = 100 shots/pulses at full charges.

* If the charge voltage is reduced by 5 kV from maximum, a tube may last as much as 50% longer.

What X-ray doses are expected from different pulsers?
150 kV at 20 inches gives a dose of 6.5 mR.
300 kV at 28 inches gives a dose of 11 mR.
450 kV at 39 inches (1 meter) gives a dose of 20 mR.
1 MeV at 79 inches (2 meters) gives a dose of 13.7 mR.

How fast is flash X-ray?
The average pulser has a flash duration of 50 nsec. As an example an object moving at 25 miles per second would have a blur of approximately 1 millimeter.
A bullet travelling at 2500 feet per sec = 20 u meters.

How rapidly can you recharge the pulsers?
In general, pulsers are charged over many seconds.  Thus, they are thought of as one-shot devices.  An exception is a semi-header which comprise of six pulsers which use a single common head.  A total of six images can be taken at any duration down to one µsec (user selectable.)

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