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Industrial Radiography Solutions - Flash X-ray Systems (FXR)

Flash X-ray Controller

The XCON consist of a Trigger Amplifier, a Delay Generator, and a Pulsed Event Timer (PET)



  • Compact, state-of-the-art electronics & design
  • Fits a standard 19" rack
  • Timing with +/- 10ns
  • Control X-ray sources manually or remotely via Ethernet
  • 3-in-1 Control Unit
  • Works with ALL existing FXR systems
  • LAB VIEW® accessible
  • User -friendly Interface
  • Dimensions: 3.5"H x 19"W x 13"D
  • System Weight: ~8.3 lb.
  • Power 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

  • User Trigger Input Pulse: +/-2 V to 200 V into 50 ohms

  • Trigger Output Monitor: -10 V nominal

  • Max. Current Input: -2,500 V, delay in 100ns increments up to 1 sec, internal delay < 400ns, jitter +/1 10ns with 3.5ns RMS

  • Pulsed Event Timer (PET) - Start/Stop Pulse: +/-2V to 200V into 50 ohms (Protected to 250 V)

  • Pulse Interval Timer: Up to 1 sec with 10 ns resolution

  • Operating Systems: Win 2000 or XP

  • Control Software: Lab View (6.1 or better). Comes with control console EXE and UI source code

  • Communication: Ethernet 10/100

  • System compatibility: XCON can run everything from a 150 kV system all the way through a 2.3 MV system
See XCON Data Sheet
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