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PixelRay Software Specifications

The recently released version 6 contains many significant new features as requested by customers. 
New Additions to PixelRay Version 6 • Supporting all Microsoft WINDOWS® Versions

Image magnifier with multiple window size selections


It magnifies any image portion by rolling the mouse over the image. The original image remains visible in the background while the magnifier shows the selected region at magnifications from 5X to 25X.

Automatic image panning window


When this option is selected, a small window automatically appears (as needed) in the corner of the screen to indicate what portion of an image is being viewed during zooming or magnifying.

PMT Voltage Wizard

Pmt Voltage Wizard

Takes the guesswork out of setting scanner PMT voltages by providing a step-by-step instruction through the process that guarantees the most optimal image is acquired during scanning.

ScanX scanning preview window


An image preview update in real-time as a plate is scanned.  This gives a better indication of scanning status.

25% faster image loading


High-resolution files larger than 50 megabytes in size will load in less than 3 seconds on most computers.  Competitive software often takes 15 seconds or longer.

Real-time image rotation previews


Shows image updates as an image is being rotated.  This gives a better indication of how the final result will appear without trial and error.

Tutor Clips and program tips


To assist users in faster learning, tutor videos explain the most important features.  Videos can be played at any time by selecting an icon inside a dialog.  Additionally, program tips can be displayed from the help menu or as the program starts. Context sensitive help is also available on any topic by pressing the F1 key.

Improved histograms with resizing and autoscaling


Histograms now have the ability to autoscale to the highest and lowest data points to show greater detail of the graph with less clutter of grid lines and dead space. Histograms can also be shown full screen.

Dosimeter Wizard


This is an optionally available upgrade for those who need it. A dosimeter is placed behind that object during an X-ray.  It automatically feeds measured dose data back to PixelRay via a USB port connection, thereby allowing very accurate settings of the PMT voltage.

Many miscellaneous additions


Improved dialogs such as the sharpen filters, tools options, and other selections are greatly updated to provide more functionality and better appearance to meet newer Windows standards.

Are you still running version 3 or 4?
Then you are missing even more key features that were added in version 5 & 6 such as an image management database, image stitching, image printing, 3-D surface plot, and user defined scanner options.  For internet connected users, PixelRay® allows fast and easy software updates as they become available.

Reduced pricing upgrades are available for customers using version 3 and 4.

Give us a call to inquire.

Version 5 Suggested Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium 5 or equivalent AMD CPU.  750 MHz or faster
1 GB Ram  (2 GB RAM preferred for Vista or Windows 7)
100 GB or larger disk drive.
150 MB ROM for PixelRay + space for your images)
note: average size of scanned images are 30 MB each

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