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PixelRay FAQs

Is the original scanned image maintained?
Yes, raw image data read from the scanner (without any preprocessing) is often of great interest to the user.  With a ScanX system, files are stored with a "XYZ" extension on the file name, yet they are basically a TIF file.  With an ACR scanner, the raw image data is placed in a file called "bufferfile.tif" and is overwritten upon the subsequent scan.

What image formats are supported by PixelRay?
supports popular formats that are typically used in CR.  Images are usually saved as TIF in order to preserve original "lossless" image quality; however, JPG and BMP images can be saved for documentation.  BMP, DIC, JPG, PCX, PCD, IMG, and TIF can be imported.

Will PixelRay run on a Mac?
PixelRay is a native Windows application.  It will run in Windows emulation mode on Mac computers that support this feature.

What Versions of Windows does PixelRay support?
Our recommendation is Windows 7 due to better performance and support for larger memory models, although Windows 2000, XP, and Vista are also supported.

How long has PixelRay been available?
With the introduction of version 6.0 in late 2011, PixelRay celebrates its 11th year as a successful commercial product.

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