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PixelRay 6.1

Setting the standard for more than 10 years
Window 7 CompatibleNEW VERSION 6

PixelRay SoftwarePixelRay is an advanced digital X-ray imaging system that captures X-ray images up to 16 bits per pixel (BPP), depending on the type of X-ray capturing system.  It has a versatile interface which allows image modifiction, enhancement, and measuremeasurement to solve a variety of image analysis problems.  With its many built-in video tutorials and wizards that walk-you through use of the software, PixelRay is fast to learn and easy to use. 

The process begins with an image being captured from a film scanner, corrected, and stored.  The stored image can be manipulated to enhance selected features.  You may then examine and measure those image features.  Finally, annotation of the analyzed image helps identify important features in the image. 

Here are just a few examples of what PixelRay can do:

  • X-ray images in native grayscale format

  • Save images as a grayscale or color image for use in documentation

  • Apply pseudo coloring to an image to enhance features for better visualization

  • Apply filters to reduce noise or enhance interesting features

  • Compare objects with a standard, providing a method to check for significant differences

  • Inspect parts for defects, such as a hidden crack

  • See the complete list of features and version comparison

Store image information in a database for later search and retrieval PixelRay® is designed to capture flash images. Using L3 PS' flash X-ray sources, exposure times can be as short as 20 nanoseconds. This gives you the tools to capture even the most elusive high-speed events.

Bulb shot with bullet

Flash X-ray example

PixelRay® took this scan of a light bulb being shot by a 17-caliber pellet. The image has a standard color spiral look-up table applied to better view the details. This picture was captured with a 20 nanosecond pulse X-ray from one of L3 PS' 300 kV pulse X-ray sources. Note the bullet at the left margin of the image.


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