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L3 Applied Technologies ( ATI) has been providing e-beam solutions for its customers for 20 years. L3 ATI ExactBeam equipment has been delivered to 26 facilities worldwide and has logged over one million hours of operational time processing medical and food products in manufacturing and contract facilities. ExactBeam systems are designed to operate more than 7,000 hours per year to support 3-shift production.

ExactBeam technology offers a safe and cost-effective alternative to both Gamma Irradiation and Gas Sterilization. E-beams use electricity- the beam is turned on and off with the flick of a switch. There are no harmful materials or byproducts, such as nuclear material or poisonous and explosive gases in the e-beam process. ExactBeam systems accomplish in minutes what it takes hours for Gamma rays and days for gas to do, thereby minimizing costs and supporting “just-in-time” manufacturing.

L3 ATI provides a fully validated, turn-key solution for both end-of line and contract facility needs, including the e-beam source, material handling system, controls and safety system. Our SureTrack lot processing database software provides traceability for each product that is processed.

Medical device manufacturing sterilization

E-beams are compatible with most materials used in disposable medical devices. In fact, the high-speed delivery of the sterilization dose from e-beams produces less heat in the product and has less effect on material properties than Gamma Irradiation.
ExactBeam systems can be configured to meet the needs of a small medical device manufacturer, or those of a large contract sterilizer. Our systems are modular in design which allows for future expansion, as well as redundancy to insure continuous production.

Food safety

E-beams have been shown to be effective in both pathogen reduction (cold pasteurization) in meats and vegetables and in reducing pest infestations (phytosanitary) on fruits and vegetables.  E-beam processing has been approved by both the FDA and USDA for use on foods; numerous scientific studies have shown that this process is effective in improving food quality and safety.

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