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The ATI Electromagnetic Systems (EMS) team is known worldwide for our contributions in pulsed high-voltage and high-current systems.  With our talented staff of engineers, scientists, designers and builders, we maintain the critical skills necessary to provide innovative pulsed power components, systems and services to both government and commercial customers.

Engineers and scientists on the EMS team have pioneered the use of most of the high-power techniques taken for granted today:  oil and water dielectric pulse forming line and Blumleinpulse generators; Marx generators; intense bremsstrahlung, z-pinch,  plasma radiation and X-ray sources; high-resolution x-radiography; low-jitter, multi-site switching systems, and more.  In fact, we coined the term “pulsed power” in 1962.

The innovative spirit persists today as we continue to develop next generation induction voltage adders (IVA), high power microwave systems, high energy density, high reliability pulsed power and power electronics systems, and severe duty solid-state, switches.
This EMS team has nearly 50 years experience designing, building, testing and operating high voltage, high current, pulsed power and power electronics systems.  We have delivered more than 300 major systems to customers world-wide, including:

  • Pulsed Electron Beam and X-ray Sources

  • Flash X-ray Radiography Systems

  • Lightning Simulators

  • Pulsed Plasma Devices

  • High-Energy Capacitor Banks

  • High-Power Microwave Systems

  • Electromagnetic Pulse Generators

  • High-Average Power Modulators

  • Large Area EMP Simulators

ATI’s Electromagnetic Systems Pedigree Pulsed Power Systems and Facilities
The EMS team began as the pioneers in Nuclear Weapons Effects (NWE) simulator engineering, fabrication, installation and operation.  This experience led us to the development of pulsed power hardware for other military and industrial applications.  We count high-voltage Marx generators, high-energy capacitor banks for EM gun research, laser drivers, EMP generators, IVAs for radiographic applications and special modulators for RF and EMI testing applications among the devices that we have built to provide keystone solutions to new problems for our domestic and international customers.

Nuclear Weapons Effects Simulators
EMS excels in the technology of very intense pulsed electron beams and X-ray sources, or “radiation simulators”.  Because of this unique knowledge of technology we have been at the forefront of the X-ray and EMP simulation field for nearly 50 years.  We are the only U.S. supplier of products supporting above-ground nuclear effects testing for Space, Strategic and Interceptor programs. We have designed, developed, and fabricated most of the largest radiation simulation facilities in the world.  These systems range in peak power outputs from 0.1 to 30 terawatts. 

Advanced Pulsed Power Component and Subsystem R&D
We maintain our leadership in pulsed power in part by development of new components, subsystems and systems.  Today we have had programs to develop new vacuum and solid-state switches, light activated switches, advanced diodes, novel pulse forming networks and high-power microwave generators to enable tomorrow’s applications.

Multi-Megawatt Modulators and Power Electronics
We design and build high-average-power, power supplies, power conditioning units and modulators for military and industrial applications including ride-thru systems, rectifiers, laser drivers, klystron transmitters, magnet drivers and novel power modulators.  This core competency will become increasingly important to our Nation’s security as our three services come to increasingly rely on power electronics for propulsion and weapon systems.

Pulsed Power for Flash Radiography Applications
We support advanced radiography for the Stock-pile Stewardship programs, and have been creatively involved in many aspects of the most intense Flash X-ray (FXR) sources in the U.S. and in Europe.  The EMS team is the only industrial supplier of induction voltage adder (IVA) systems for these applications.  We participated in the design of LLNL’s work-horse FXR core punch facility, devised and built the injector for the first axis of the LANL DARHT facility, delivered TRIMEV, and for Sandia supported the design of the 20 MV Hermes III and carried the design of RITS through detailed fabrication drawings.  This work continues today in support of SNLA and NNST initiatives. We have just completed the construction of all the major components of a new IVA system for AWE in the U.K.  The EMS team will assist in the deployment of this new machine in the U.K. and later in France.

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