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L3 Applied Technologies, Inc. Electromagnetic (EM) Services has a long history of providing a broad range of research and development capabilities to both U.S. and foreign governments that augment and complement those of their national laboratories. Our domestic customers include the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Strategic Command, Missile Defense Agency, Army, Navy, Air Force and the FBI.

In the field of High Power Microwaves, we produce tunable, narrowband Reltrons™ and magnetron and ultra wideband (UWB) short-pulse sources. These can be delivered in complete, turn-key systems or as stand-alone units for incorporation into existing facilities. To meet requirements that are not satisfied by existing sources, we provide R&D and prototyping services.

We have ongoing work that addresses concerns about Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), whether generated externally or within the system being studied (SGEMP). This R&D effort employs analytical and numerical modeling and simulation, testing services and data analysis.
Nuclear Weapons Effects, beyond EMP, looks at the response of systems to short bursts of X-rays and gamma rays from the sub-keV to the multi-MeV range and electron and ion beam replicants.  ATI performs the R&D required to provide state-of-the-art radiation sources suitable for unique test environments and assists customers in all facets of the testing process.

EM Services has demonstrated itself as a proven strategic U.S. industrial base supplier in these fields by the excellent work performed and the flexibility and agility to respond quickly to changing requirements. This has resulted in exceptional customer satisfaction and retention.

While most of the work performed by L3 ATI EM Services is not available for public disclosure, the following papers reflect some of our publications in the NWE source development area indicating the depth of expertise in the basic plasma physics underlying this area and the diagnostic developments required to measure and document the extreme conditions of the test environment.

Dependable Innovation.