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In addition to design, fabrication and manufacture, L3 ALST supports the entire product life-cycle.  Whether an open frame OEM sub-system, or housed Line-Replaceable cable Unit (LRU), standard products are covered by a limited-time warranty. 

Whether a warranty, or non-warranty repair, L3 ALST performs incoming evaluation, estimating, repair and test of all units returned under a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA).

Customer Service Team (CST) Contact Information:

L3 Advanced Laser Systems Technology
2500 N. Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, Florida 32804
Customer Service Team (CST)
Tel: 407-722-5699 or 407-722-5675
Email: cs.alst@L3T.com
For electronic submission please complete RMA form

Product returned under RMA is subject to standard terms and conditions.

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