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L3 ALST, a recognized leader in supplying the world’s leading EO-IR integrators with ruggedized high-performance eye-safe laser rangefinders and laser target designators for long-range operational capabilities up to 50 km, proudly offering both COTS and developmental solutions to meet demanding requirements.

Be it light armored vehicles to tracked future fighting vehicles, submarine photonic masts to surface ship persistent surveillance systems, dismounted solders to fixed & towed towers, or lunar landing crafts to orbiting satellites our battle-proven laser systems can be depended upon for years of continuous use with superior performance.  When size, weight and power (SWaP) are critical L3 ALST has the solution.

Choose from one of our production ready Eye-Safe Laser Rangefinders capable of ranging targets from as little as 50 m to 10 km, 20 km, 30 km, or up to 50 km in either a Flash Lamp or Diode-Pumped configuration; Laser Designators to aid Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) for precision guided munitions; Laser Rangefinder/Designators (LRF/D) in both single and two-color configurations; or a multi-function laser system with day scope and thermal IR camera to meet your needs – or simply contact one of our Sales Representatives for assistance.

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