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Aircraft Modification

Since inception, L3 Aeromet has been actively involved with government research, development, testing and evaluation programs. Our fully integrated project team ensures the design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, test, and our certification efforts produce optimal solutions meeting customer requirements. We have modified more than 45 aircraft for sophisticated airborne optical platforms, meteorological data gathering, complex electronic warfare aircraft, autonomous unmanned reconnaissance, aircraft avionic upgrades, FAA Supplemental Type Certificate programs and special mission aircraft.

Our capabilities include:
Installation and Integration of Remote Sensing Data Acquisition Systems
Installation and Integration of Special-Purpose Electronic Systems
Environmental Control and Equipment Cooling Systems
Specialized Instrumentation Installations
Aircraft and Mission Electrical Power Systems
Interior Furnishings, Operator Consoles and Equipment Racks
Avionics Upgrades and Modifications
Airframe Modifications
Aircraft Performance, Stability, and Control Testing
Optical Windows and Ports
Integrated System Test
Under-Wing and Fuselage-Mounted Cupolas, Pods, Fairings and Radomes
FAA and Military Certification
Mechanisms and Mechanical Systems
Captive Flight Testing Capabilities
Aircraft Experience
Below is a partial list of aircraft types modified by L3 Aeromet:
Aeromet designed and built Cozy MK IV derivative
Hawker Beechcraft aircraft: King Air, VC-12B, C-90, UC-12B
Bell 206 Jet Ranger
C-135 (Argus)
McDonnell Douglas C-9B (DC-9)
Cessna: 172, 210, 421, Citation I, Conquest, Conquest II, Grand Caravan
Enstrom F28F helicopter
Dassault Falcon 20
Gulfstream II, II-B, IV SP, V
Learjet 25, 35, 36
Rutan Model 61 Long-EZ
NASA's WB-57 High-Altitude Research Program
Robinson R44 helicopter

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