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Aircraft Optical Window Systems
Optical Window Capability Overview:

L3 Aeromet is an industry leader in the design, integration and sustainment of optical-grade windows on airborne platforms. We have developed a range of special optical-grade windows, optimized for viewing targets in a wide spectrum of wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet to visible to short/mid/long wave infrared to provide for transmission of electromagnetic energy into sensors located inside airborne platforms. Our expertise includes the material selection and design of the optical window, the safety and airworthiness of the optical window integration, and the sustainment needs of the optical window system.

Optical Window Integration Capabilities:
Material and coating selection for desired bandpass range and optical window fabrication
Optical window aircraft-mounting adapter design and fabrication
Specialized fatigue analysis and risk mitigation planning for optical window usage
Structural substantiation of aircraft structure interface with optical window mounting
Optical Window Sustainment Design:
Optical window handling instructions
Optical window continued airworthiness inspection program planning
Optical window care and maintenance program planning
Optical window usage tracking and hours logging management

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