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HALO-II and IV High Altitude Observatory #2

HALO-II is an airborne observatory that offers excellent performance, adaptability and endurance for its mission. The capability to fly at very high altitude, above obscuring clouds and atmosphere, provides the HALO-II sensors a clear view of mission targets. The EO/IR sensors are mounted in a pod on top of the fuselage, enabling excellent azimuth field of regard and horizon-to-horizon elevation viewing. HALO-II is modified, maintained and operated by L3 Aeromet.

Overall length24.3880.0
Wing span23.7778.0
Body width2.267.4
Wing surface86.8 (m^2)933 (ft^2)
Tail height7.4724.5
Maximum taxi weight31,84270,200
Maximum takeoff weight31,61569,700
Maximum zero fuel weight19,95844,000
Maximum payload weight3,7878,350
Maximum fuel weight12,79127,900
Cruising speed (normal)894 (km/h)460 (kts)
Cruising speed (long range)836 (km/h)430 (kts)
Ceiling13,716 (m)45,000 (ft)
Takeoff distance1,615 (m)5,000 (ft)
Range6,482 (km)3,000 (nm)
Number 2
TypeRolls Royce Spey Mark 511-8
Thrust (each engine)50.7 (kN)11,400 (lb.)