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EagleVUETM Software

EagleVUE is part of the VUE ISR suite of components made up of our flight-proven VUETM processor, OWLTM image processing software and FalconTM platform management software. Using EagleVUE, an operator can easily load Motion Industry Standards Board (MISB) - compliant MPEG-2 video streams, view the stream and the associated metadata, export the metadata to a .csv file and cut out sections of the video. EagleVUE enables an operator to quickly process an ISR stream. The application allows video section cutting for sending to another user, creating a quick-look video or inserting into a presentation.

EagleVUE allows an operator to overlay the MISB data on the video as well as set custom markers on the video to reference different fields of view. Multiple copies of EagleVUE can run at the same time on the same computer. Videos can be played back simultaneously, enabling an operator to make quick comparisons between different cameras while observing the same scene.

Still images can be captured from the video stream and saved in a number of formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF. With proper licensing, NITF data files can be generated.

EagleVUE runs on WindowsTM 7 and Windows 10-compatible computers using the Intel 4th generation or higher Core i7 processor.

EagleVUE supports the following MISB standards:

ST0601.5 UAS Datalink Local Metadata Set
ST0902.1 Motion Imagery Sensor Minimum Metadata Set
ST0902.2 Motion Imagery Sensor Minimum Metadata Set
ST0102.9 Security Metadata Universal and Local Set
ST0903.3 Video Moving Target Indicator Local Data Set
ST0604.3 Time Stamping Compressed Motion Imagery
RP1107 Metric Geopositioning Metadata Set
RP1010 Generalized Standard Deviation and Correlation Coefficient Metadata
RP1202 Generalized Transformation Parameters

For More Information
Please contact Rich Campbell at 918-832-6300 or click here to email EagleVUE support for more information on EagleVUE and how Aeromet can assist you with your ISR needs.

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