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Software Development Services

Software is becoming an increasingly complex and critical part of any system. Development of robust software products is as critical as selecting the right material, hardware, wire, or any other component of your system.

Aeromet brings a mature team to the table ready to assist you with:
Requirements development and decomposition
Development of software module specifications
Internal and external interface development
User-interface and business-logic development and design
System architecture, distributed and monolithic
Languages include C, C#, C++, Fortran
Maintenance of legacy software

Our team of software engineers has developed a diverse group of software packages, including real-time, embedded, pre- and post-processing products, as well as general analysis and computing packages. If you know you need software, but you’re not sure what it is that you need, we are ready to assist. Our team will use a CMMI-certified process to assist you with each phase of development. From initial software requirements to the final verification and validation test of the integrated system, you have a partner with L3 Aeromet's software development team.

Specific Tools
Visual Studio
Hudson Continuous Integration Server
SVN Repository Management
Integrated Configuration management
Google test architecture
Action Request Database for tracking customer interaction.
Real-time Systems Toolkit Integration
Real-time image processing using Camlink, HD-SDI, RS170 and LVDS
Signature analysis of EO/IR imagery
Real-time target tracking algorithms
Distributed computing environments
TCP/IP and UPD/IP protocol
H.264 streaming engines
MISB-compliant video
AS9100 Approved Quality System
CMMI-DEV v1.3 Maturity Level 3

From the most complex video tracking problem to a low-level system driver, our team can develop it for you. We are a Microsoft Development Partner with experience in Windows-embedded deployment. Our cross platform work includes development of video tools that can run on both Linux and Windows® systems and be are easily ported to any platform using standard abstraction layers.

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