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Optical Engineering

The diverse nature of our customers, often-dissimilar test requirements, and dynamic mission schedules demand rapid optical system design, layout and implementation. Responding to this demand is a hallmark of L3 Aeromet which is an essential part of our work. We design, build and integrate sensor suites on mission aircraft to meet the customer’s test requirements.

Integration of these sensor suites onto a mission aircraft requires significant specialized optical engineering capability and experience. We have the ability and resources to accomplish complex optical system design spanning the ultraviolet to the long wave infrared wavebands. This work includes: in-house custom designed and built sensor suites, commercial-off-the-shelf sensors, and sensors from third parties such as National Labs as well as others.

Spectral and radiometric calibrations are vital to meaningful data collections. Our optical engineers are responsible for ensuring that calibration equipment and methodologies are in place, conducting the calibrations and reporting the results.

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