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Our team of EO/IR engineers and technicians are experienced in the specification, design, development, integration, and operation of (EO/IR) remote sensing systems with high-quality pointing and tracking. Our systems and experience include in cabin and exterior open port systems; including wave bands from ultraviolet through long wave infrared and lasers. We know that no single sensor configuration can meet all mission requirements at all times. Our EO/IR engineers have the capability of adapting existing sensors and rapidly prototyping new designs to satisfy ever-changing mission requirements. Experience enables us to meet the unique demands and challenges of mission operations, such as collecting data for very high spatial resolution, mission-specific spectral requirements, extreme sensitivity, very high dynamic range, or very fast data rates. Further, our team is trained in the science of radiometric calibration using man-made (in the laboratory) and natural In Situ reference sources. We stand ready to deploy these systems worldwide and to participate in data collection missions.