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General Manager
Rob Moskal

Robert Moskal is general manager for L3 Aeromet, a leader in design, development, manufacture, installation, and operation of airborne and ground-based ISR systems and subsystems.

L3 Aeromet designs and operates the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Airborne Sensor (ABS) platforms. These platforms include special-mission EO/IR Gulfstream aircraft designated High Altitude Observatory (HALO) I, II, and IV. L3 Aeromet is also the lead for the development of a high-resolution airborne surveillance system. Mr. Moskal was appointed to his current role as L3 general manager reporting through L3's ISR Sector in August 2015. His previous executive leadership included serving as general manager, L3 Aeromet from 2007 to March of 2013.

Mr. Moskal joined Aeromet in 1987 and his experience includes software development support of the original HALO airborne pointing system, development of mission planning software, program manager for development of the MDA ABS HALO-II exo-atmospheric mid-course target collection truth sensor platform, and capture leadership support for multiple MDA ABS competitive procurements. Prior to L3 Aeromet, Mr. Moskal worked for Raytheon/Seiscor and Digital Logging, Inc.

He holds a bachelor of science degree in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.

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