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We are L3Harris
What We Do
L3Harris | ForceX Software is the Trusted Choice of End-Users in the Special Operations Aviation Community.

L3Harris | ForceX software enables front-line special operations aviators to save lives on the battlefield.

Our tightly integrated hardware and software solutions allow aircrew members to operate efficiently when protecting friendly ground forces.

Our clients include the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Special Operation Forces, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Marshals Service.

Why it Matters
Software Solutions Enable Warfighters to Do More with Less
L3Harris | ForceX mission management software allows small crews of aviators to conduct missions previously reserved for larger, more expensive aircraft and crews with decades of experience. Pilots and sensor operators can seamlessly share relevant data across different workstations, operate multiple radios simultaneously without interfering with each other, and fuse multiple sources of intelligence in real time, all while clearly communicating with ground teams, rear-area commanders and other aircraft over the target area.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Speed, Agility and Commitment to User Input is What Sets Us Apart from the Competition.

Our customers' missions can't wait, so our solutions don't either. Where software updates might normally be developed, tested and fielded over the course of several years, our end-users receive needed features and updates on an extremely rapid timeline: weeks rather than years. We maintain our commitment to getting the very latest high-quality technologies into the hands of our nation’s warfighters as quickly as their missions evolve.

No other products on the market offer the same combination of timely, advanced technology and user customization.
AUSA 2018
L3 Displays Widow® Mission Execution Software at the 2018 AUSA Expo – TacAir Selects Innovative ISR System for the F-5 Aircraft
Farnborough International Air Show
L3 Unveils Commercial ISR Mission Execution Software at the Farnborough International Airshow
ForceX Widow® featured at SOFIC 2018