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Fixed Wing King Air 350

L-3 is a leader and innovator in applying high technology to challenging, complex problems. It is at the forefront of developing concepts for ISR (especially signals intelligence and persistent wide-area surveillance and communications) and a primary supplier of ISR aircraft. L-3 has modified and delivered 10,000 aircraft of many types over 60 years, including multiple programs based on the Hawker Beechcraft King Air B300 aircraft. In fact, L-3 was originally responsible for introducing the fixed-wing King Air 350 platform to the ISR industry, and has modified and delivered more of the fixed-wing platforms than anyone else.

Because building partner capacity and operating indirectly are central to Irregular Warfare (IW), L-3 MID is working to make the fruits of these fixed-wing, technologically driven concepts available to partners within export control parameters while not compromising sensitive U.S. capabilities. In fact, U.S. efforts to counter terrorism and insurgency support partners in foreign internal defense and bring stability to vulnerable populations. And, these efforts cannot be done as effectively without SPYDR.

While SPYDR is platform-independent, L-3 unveiled SPYDR on the fixed-wing King Air 350 platform because the King Air is affordable, highly customizable and L-3 has a worldwide supply chain in place ready to sustain the aircraft at the highest mission availability rates.

Over the course of more than 50 deliveries of the King Air 350, L-3 has built in a capability to incorporate new technologies or new mission profiles on demand. The results have justified the faith and commitment of our customers here and worldwide - more than 40,000 sorties with 170,000 flight hours, yielding a mission availability rate of 97.7%. That's unparalleled!

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