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California Wildfires

L3 Sonoma EO lies in the beautiful Sonoma County Wine Country. The wildfires which consumed our region are now fully contained, after 12 long days of intense firefighting. The response included firefighters from around the country and Australia – thank you! We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for our talented employees, all of whom are safe and sound. If you would like to provide assistance to the victims of the fire, the following link provides a good summary of outlets:

L3 Sonoma EO Announces Chemical Surface Detector Contract Award
L-3 Sonoma EO Marks Production Milestone With Its 2511X™ Long Standoff Airborne Imaging System

Navy asks L-3 to try out different electro-optical sensors for future shipboard defense system [militaryaerospace.com]

Airborne Optical Change Detection (AOCD) Gimbal Sensor System [FBO.gov]
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The L3 Sonoma EO Advantage
Our program-tested organizational and personal relationships extend to every phase of the supply chain. Whether applicable to a single-unit sale or a major acquisition, consistent performance is the yardstick by which suppliers are judged. To this end, Sonoma EO (L3 Sonoma) invested heavily in infrastructure, personnel, training, and product development.

L3 Sonoma employees offer unparalleled expertise in all aspects of turreted stabilized sensor systems, design, manufacturing, service and support. An AS9100C and EN ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier, we have been manufacturing gimbals and integrating sensors for ground, airborne, manned, unmanned, military and commercial applications since 1988. Thanks to our expertise in turret manufacturing and process control, we consistently deliver a high degree of product reliability, while keeping support costs significantly lower than that of our competition.

Sonoma 1508MTM DragonEyes
Tactical Overwatch Turret

L3 Sonoma EO's 1508M DragonEyesTM provides wide-area tactical overwatch/critical event monitoring for airborne mission commanders and up to 10 ground-based users. DragonEyes combines world-class stabilization with 4k x 4k (16 MB) MWIR imagery. DragonEyes is the ideal solution for tactical overwatch on fixed-wing, rotary-wing, UAV or aerostat aircraft.

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L3 Sonoma EO is a business unit of Cincinnati Electronics.

To learn more about L3 Cincinnati Electronics and their products, please click here.
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