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AT-802L Longsword™
C-130 Avionics, Missionization
& Maintenance
VIP Completion Center
C-130 Avionics, Missionization
& Maintenance

The L3 Aerospace Systems Waco, Texas facility provides quality revitalization, modification and missionization solutions for C-130 aircraft to U.S. and International customers since 1985.

  • Our certified avionics solutions provide modern, affordable capabilities that keep aircraft flying well into the future. Our systems feature modern glass cockpits and solutions designed for each customer’s fleet. In addition to being CNS/ATM-compliant, our systems fly with international military and civilian airworthiness certifications.
  • Our missionization solutions maximize the C-130’s utility and flexibility for our customers’ unique mission needs, whether that mission is direct action or humanitarian relief.
  • Our modification and modernization solutions offer the right combination of improvements to meet budget and mission requirements within planned acquisition schedules and budgets to enable aircraft operation to 2040 and beyond.

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