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Lightweight Shipboard Electro-Optical System (LSEOS) MKIIA & MKIIB
Fire Control and Surveillance System

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Combat Ready, Stabilized E/O Fire Control

Whether on the open sea or in tight littoral regions, fast, accurate weapon response is critical to survival. The L-3 Brashear LSEOS fire control and surveillance system combines high-precision electro-optical performance with proven marine ruggedness and durability.

The LSEOS integrates easily with shipboard systems to accurately:

  • Acquire and track inbound targets

  • Predict target's future position to maximize intercept success (full solution fire control)

  • Slew the weapon to the correct aiming position

  • Engage the threat and fire the weapon

Compact, Flexible, Easy to Install
  • Lightweight

  • Easy to install and integrate

  • Adaptable to a wide range of electro-optical sensors

  • And mission reconfigurable

  • The LSEOS is an exceptionally versatile and functional system.

Rapid Surface or Air on Target Response

To rapidly and effectively counter today's emerging littoral threats the LSEOS is designed to provide:

  • The highest performance sensor suite

  • Exceptional manual and automatic target tracking

  • Complete short and long range surveillance

  • Maximized line of sight stabilization

  • Optimal fire control (full ballistic solution) for a wide range of weapons

LSEOS Offers Complete Solution

LSEOS can be used in a multitude of rolls to include: fire control, surveillance, covert tracking and damage assessment. To support these missions LSEOS is offered in a Stand-Alone Configuration (Mk-IIA) and a Combat-Integrated Configuration (Mk-IIB).  

The Stand-Alone Configuration (Mk-IIA) is a complete system which includes, Electro-Optical Director (EOD), System Control Module (SCM), Weapon Control Module (WCM) which incorporates the ballistic computer, Bridge Surveillance Console (BSC) with record and play capability and Weapon/Operator Control Console (WCC).

The Combat-Integrated Configuration (Mk-IIB) integrates with the ship Combat Management Systems or in a Surveillance-only roll. Mk-IIB includes the Electro-Optical Director (EOD) and the System Control Module (SCM). Other modules can be added as need, such as the Bridge Surveillance Console (BSC) and the Weapon/Operator Control Console (WCC).

Mk-II A/B Mode

Additionally the Mk-IIA can be integrated with the Ship’s Combat Management System operated in a Stand-Alone mode utilizing its own Weapon Control Module or receive data from the ship Combat Management System operating in a Mk-IIB mode. Control between these two modes is via an A/B switch. The Mk-IIA/B solution is ideal for a saturation requiring redundant fire control capability.

For more information, please contact L-3 Brashear via email at Sales.Brashear@L-3com.com.