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VideoScout® is a family of interoperable video exploitation and management systems to capture video and telemetry from a wide variety of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), receivers, sensors and INTEL network feeds.

Once received, VideoScout allows users to create derivative video files and still images, and annotate, geo-reference, store and share the resulting intelligent video with others across the battlespace. VideoScout helps you quickly turn vast amounts of video data into concise, easily shared video intelligence to improve mission planning, execution and post-mission analysis.

VideoScout Product Resources
VideoScout - Insyte
VideoScout - Flex
VideoScout - MC2
VideoScout - MXR
VideoScout - CM2

VideoScout-Insyte - VideoScout-Insyte is the software interface for all VideoScout product lines. VideoScout-Insyte not only provides image and data capture, dissemination, visualization, and archiving of full motion video (FMV) but can process a wide variety of metadata formats giving operators full georeference position data.

*For users with existing hardware or unique supply and other hardware constraints, the VideoScout-Insyte software may be purchased and integrated into customer-procured computer systems.
**VideoScout-Insyte Software only: "Latest Version" software provided on Flash Drive (Current software version is 4.2).

VideoScout Flex - VideoScout image processing hardware and exploitation/management software components for integrators looking to incorporate VideoScout capabilities into their own choice of computer or existing system configuration.
VideoScout-MC2 - VideoScout MC2 brings real-time analog and digital full-motion video to frontline warfighters across the battlespace for faster analysis, planning and improved situational awareness.

VideoScout-MXR - Hand-held, micro-video exploitation and management system. It features a fully integrated multi-band receiver capable of capturing and leveraging real-time, full-motion video and metadata directly from L-, S-, or C-band-based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensors, including Manned and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

VideoScout-CM2 - The VideoScout-CM2 is a ruggedized, porttable communications module designed for ground and marine operations. It can be mounted atop ships masts, surveillance towers, rooftops, vehicles, or any other desired platform.

Customer Support Inquiries
For Customer Support assistance concerning your purchased VideoScout product, please send your inquiry to us via e-mail at
iecsd-customerservice@L3T.com. Or click here to submit your inquiry.

You can also reach us Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pacific Coast Time at: (800) 621-8474 or (858) 623-6877. Ask for the L-3 IEC Tech Support Department.  

For after hour inquiries, please leave us a voice mail message and we will return your call the next business day.  

Return & Repair Procedures 
Products that must be repaired require a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number assigned to them. For details, please click here to open the RMA & Repair Procedures information document.  
Standard Terms & Conditions 
For your convenience, the following documents provide details on the acceptance of orders for VideoScout products: 

Standard Terms & Conditions for Domestic Sales

Standard Terms & Conditions for International Sales